Service Policy

What we can do for you?

Followings are short information's about our services. Please go through them to have a basic understanding , for further clarification please do contact us

Sequential steps to follow


Step 1

Describe your issues/plan in details

“ A building with 100 floors can not be built upon a 100 square feet area ”

As quoted above it's difficult to to quickly increase the supported areas from a little space. So, while describing your issues/project/plans please describe it in details regarding it's usage, limits, capacities, capabilities, future possibilities, future vision etc to let us better understand your queries.

Step 2

Get our help and advice

Upon understanding your queries we'll give you our recommended suggestions and the required budget/expenses (we may require full or partial amount of the budget before starting) for it.

PLEASE NOTE: We accept projects only if all your requirements can properly be fulfilled by our team, we don't maintain money-seeking nature while being inappropriate for the received tasks (that nature doesn't suit our policy), even we may recommend you better suitable choices. BUT ! Please don't intend to change your mind/procedure once we start our works or bury us underneath loads of non-projected plans, meanwhile “ Don't ask us to build new BUS/Transport services in-between the on-going tasks while we're already busy in building HOMES as discussed at early stage of projected plans ! ”. Such tasks will be considered as ADDITIONAL TASKS which might require more budget/money.


Step 3

Final stage with/without any additional plans

Upon finalizing the early-stage projected plans you'll be asked for reviewing the resultant task, we may change any existing setup to make it suitable to you.

If there're no more additional plans for the project we'll take the rest amount the the budget (if it wasn't asked fully at early stage), any additional tasks will cost more from your side as per discussed earlier. If you'd like us to maintain your domains, hosting for you that will charge you our "Maintenance Fees" as mentioned in the payment page or discussed.

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